Cyprus Turkish Petroleum was established on 17 December 1974. The company continues its activities in Kalecik Facility, which was put into service in 1979.

There are 14 fuel tanks with a total capacity of 64,440 m3 and 3 LPG tanks with a total capacity of 9,000 m3 in our facilities.

We have nearly 100 stations serving in the cities of Nicosia, Kyrenia, Famagusta, Güzelyurt, İskele and Lefke in Northern Cyprus.

At our Air Supply Unit at Ercan Airport, Jet A-1 is supplied to THY, Anadolujet, TC-ATA Planes, public planes and private planes.

About Us

Before starting its operations, our company used C.M.C. Mining Company’s old fuel tanks located in Lefke-Gemikonağı. Later on, the company moved to Kalecik Facility, which has been built in the vicinity of Kalecik Village in the Bosphorus area of Iskele District and put into service in 1979. The company still continues its activities in this location. Ercan Airport Facilities were completed and put into service in 1976. Our Kalecik Fuel and LPG Terminal has been fully automated, and all Terminal activities can be monitored and managed on automation.



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Realized Sponsorships

1) Nicosia Turkish Municipality Theater Sponsor

As Cyprus Turkish Petroleum, we value Culture and Art. As the sponsor of the Nicosia Turkish Municipality Theater since 2014, we will continue to contribute to the culture and art of the Cypriot.

2) CTFF Official Sponsor

As Cyprus Turkish Petroleum, we are proud to be the Main Sponsor of the Cyprus Turkish Football Federation, Super League, 1st League and 2nd League since 2013. We wish success for all our teams and players…

Active Sponsorships

1) Kıbrıs Hayat project

As Cyprus Turkish Petroleum, we support the development of technology. We have been together with the ‘Kıbrıs Hayat’ project since 2021. With the steps we have taken, we offer the People of Cyprus and our users the opportunity to virtually explore Stations all over the Island.

2) Erenkoy High School

We are going to the semi-finals with the Erenköy High School Girls’ and Boys’ volleyball teams, for which we are the travel sponsors.

3) METU University

As Cyprus Turkish Petroleum, we have a sponsorship with METU NCC Engineering undergraduate programs concerning a graduation projects.

K-Pet Automat's Project Partners

ASIS (Turkey) automation software.

Mek-Pet Ltd. (TRNC), ASIS's representative in TRNC, tool kit installation and station equipment – software installation.

Communication between K-Pet headquarters and station with Nethouse installation.

Contracted banks, collection via electronic DBS communication with K-Pet system.

K-PET in the Press

Malik İşimtekin, Kalecik Facility General Manager of Cyprus Turkish Petroleum, was the guest of BRT and made important statements. The channel, which is a guest of our facility, was informed about refueling and security measures.



All TRNC people gathered together during the fire that started in Mersinlik region and turned our paradise island into a hell. Being aware of our duty as Cyprus Turkish Petroleum, we provided fuel support to fire fighting helicopters as well as free water and fuel support to be used in vehicles in the fire area. We showed that together we are stronger. We hope that we will not experience these painful days again.

Vehicle Recognition

Cyprus Turkish Petroleum Ltd. Vehicle Recognition System

K-Pet – What is Automat?
K-Pet – Automat is a fuel sales, payment and fleet management system that ensures that the fuel consumption of fleet vehicles (government institutions and private companies) is kept under control and payments are made in bulk.
How to become a K-Pet – Automat customer?

How Does Automat Work?

1) The vehicle approaches the pump with automat system.
2) The kit reader on the gun communicates with the antenna and the tool kit on the tank via RFID.
3) Detected vehicle and customer information is sent to the station automation computer. This information is transmitted to the K-Pet central server via a VPN connection.
4) The central server checks the accuracy of the information and the Black List status before filling, and gives permission for filling.
5) After the filling is finished, a filling receipt is given to the driver of the vehicle. Each filling operation is stored in the database.

What are the Advantages of K-Pet Automat?

Refueling is done quickly without waiting at the station for paying with credit card or cash and receive bills. The date and time of fueling of the vehicle filling up can be monitored with periodic reporting, or over the internet when requested. Organizations included in the system can set time, amount and value restrictions for the fuel to be purchased whenever they wish.

Thanks to K-Pet – automat, all fuel purchases are recorded electronically in the system. With the product identification made in the car kit installation (the type of fuel that the vehicle will take), the possibility of using the wrong fuel type is eliminated.

The system saves the fleet manager from the workload as it records all purchases made on a transactional basis.

SELF SERVICE Stations (OPEN 24/7)

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K-Pet Headquarters
Kalecik Facilities P.K. 117
Famagusta – North Cyprus