Air Transportation

THY Fuel Supplier

We continue to take our place at Ercan Airport as the fuel supplier for the aircraft of Turkish Airlines, which is growing in Civil Aviation day by day.

AnadoluJet Fuel Supplier

There are 2 Jet A-1 fuel tanks with a total capacity of 670 m³ in our Cyprus Turkish Petroleum Air Supply Unit at Ercan Airport. Jet A-1 refueling is done here for THY and private planes.

Freebird Fuel Supplier

As the fuel supplier of Freebird Airlines, which joined the Turkish private sector airline carriers in 2000, we continue to serve at Ercan Airport.

Pegasus Fuel Supplier

At Ercan Airport, our Cyprus Turkish Petroleum Air Supply Unit is the fuel supplier for Pegasus aircraft.

TC-ATA Aircraft Fuel Supplier

We supply fuel to the planes belonging to the Republic of Turkey and VIP planes.